The Poker Personal Assistant is the ultimate toolbox for poker players! Find live games in your area, improve your skills and keep track of your results, all in one place. Poker PA is the only app that will allow you to get instantly notified when your favorite games start.

Poker PA Features

Receive tournament alerts, play with experts, calculate your odds and more.
Poker PA App
Casino Connection

No matter where you go, Casino Connection will tell you where the action is. At home or travelling, you can check out nearby venues by distance and get contact information and directions. You can also add your regular stomping grounds to your own customizable Favorites page to stay up to date. If you visit a casino in the Poker PA network, you may even be eligible for special promotions.

Game Search

Add the games you want to know about and all the casinos where you play, so whenever any action happens you will be kept in the loop. The customizable and discreet automated alert system will alert you according to your preferences. Fish Finder is not yet available at all venues, but it can be! Suggest that your casino’s management join the Poker PA network or contact us with a lead.

Hand Of The Day

Test your skills on a daily basis against the Poker PA pros, and see how other players respond to these hands. Learn how the pros approach a situation with a detailed analysis of the logic behind their decisions. With poker, knowledge based on experience is your greatest asset, but learning on the felt can be costly! With Hand of the Day we can help take your game to the next level without costing you your entire stack.

Log Session

By inputting your poker sessions directly into your phone you’ll be able to store and analyze your entire poker history in one place. Find your best day, worst day, and career peak. With data-gathering features that leverage the cutting-edge mobility and accessibility of a Smartphone, Records will help you learn from your experiences, giving you a competitive edge.

Odds Calculator

With Poker PA’s built in Odds Calculator telling you the exact probability of winning a hand, you get precision accuracy, allowing you to focus on the game instead of the math. It’s another valuable tool in the tool box for a poker player. Easy to use and easy to understand.

Download the app

Download the app to search for live games in your area.


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